Below is a list of our installation services - Available to select when ordering your oven.

Extend the life of your new investment with a professionally trained installer or simply a pre-delivery service to ensure all components are fitted and assembled according to the manufacturers requirements.

UNOX’s Services include; Communicating the installation requirements/services to the customer, ensuring the site is
prepared prior to installation. Once complete, the Installation is coordinated to both the technician and customer.
Calibration by UNOX approved technician {within fifty (50) km radius (one hundred (100) km round trip) from all
major Capital Cities}. Installation can be arranged using an approved UNOX technician – UNOX recommends
using a UNOX approved Installer as calibration can occur at the time of install.

Unpack and check all equipment, build stand, place oven and peel protective covering.
• Installation: providing services are in place as listed on the Installation Preparation document
• Fitting off three phase power, water connection and test water for quality.
• Connection of outgoing services to waste.
• Installation and connection of internet kit.
• Connection and test connection to the Internet.
• Calibration of oven including all date and time settings and other requirements to UNOX standard.


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