Cooking Fat and Liquid Collection Kit

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Be sure to download the technical data sheet for this product to make sure you understand the services (Gas / Water / Drain / Power) required for installation

Does this unit require an exhaust canopy ? The combined total for cooking appliances that trigger the requirement for exhaust is 8kW or the equivalent in Gas which is 29Mj - You can add a certified ventless hood to most unox ovens.

Did you know you can stack most Unox ovens? Maximise your space, increase productivity. If your selected oven is stackable the kit will be listed below

$210.00 ex GST

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SKU XUC047 Category
Dimensions 20 mm

non-stick stainless-steel designed with special bendings and a
central hole to collect liquids and fat dripping from the food
and direct them to the center of the drain to reduce the
dirtiness on the cooking chamber. Strongly recommended
with SMART.Drain and in any dirty intensive cooking of
poultry and meat.

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